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Christian Müller
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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Digital artist spends the days painting sci-fi and fantasy environments. Opens multiple wikipedia tabs simultaneously. Living did-you-know button.

Residence: Germany/Earth/Sol-System/Orion-Cygnus arm/Milky Way/Virgo Cluster/Virgo Supercluster/at Capricornus Void down the Pavo-Indus Supercluster-Road
Favorites: digital painting, sketchbooks, pencils, tea, colours, green especially.
Music: Feeder, Idlewild, Incubus, Insomnium, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Helios, Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, John Powell, Nada Surf, Tryo, Kettcar

Fruehlingshaft eingewindet

Journal Entry: Fri May 16, 2014, 6:56 AM
Deviant Anmaril | "A smile is cheaper than electric power and gives more light."


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Hej hej folks,
it's more than a half year since I wrote the last journal and might be the time for a new one. I plan to become more active on dA again to get rid of my perfectionism when it comes to paint images and also got a new tablet to do so. To create an art-blog was a good idea, but doesn't give me the same communication tools of deviantArt. Despite of the huge difference in audience, my blog got me some more job offers within the past months though, so I will focus on keeping it active too. It became my main hub to publish my art and connects with my other online profiles around the web.
Some of these job offers were interesting but didn't fit to my skills or idea of payment. One of these were a full time job at the biggest browser game company in Europe, were my 100 days challenge pieces in the styles of Darksider got their attention. I'm have no experience with their style to create the assets though. The second was a opportunity to create a book cover for a european client, but with vague payment details I had to decline.
The last kind of job are the most common offers I've got so far and can also be found on elance in a huge ammount. Elance, being my main source of work is unfortunately full of low payment offers, and therefore it pleases me even more too see offers comming from other sources.

Both job can be seen as an important point when it comes to publish your art. Publish your art.
It was fun to create some artworks in a different style, but it also attracted jobs I were not able to do. To work for a big browser game company had meant to work in this particular style, not just to create simple doodles, but complete products. Despite my lack of experience in doing so, I am not sure if I even would have liked it.
On the other hand, I've got more job offers through the artworks I usually tend to do. If you stay true to your art, it resonates.

The Wacom Pro M tablet:
As mentioned before I've got a new wacom pro tablet, which suits my needs just fine. I switched from a intuos 3 M, so both have roughly the same size. The Pro comes with higher pressure sensitivity and a wireless adapter, which I use every day. Mainly because of the connector issues other users got and I prefer to avoid.
Was the switch necessary? If you have a wacom intuos tablet, 3, 4 or 5 I rather wouldn't buy a new tablet just for the sake of having a new one, but if you are in need of a tablet in general, yes.
The M is big enough for my needs and in a handy size. Intuos 3 users may need a bit time to get used to the different button arrangement, and I didn't noticed the different in pressure sensitivity in comparison to the 3. The cover sheet feels more rough and wears the nib much more faster of as the old 3 covers, and also can't be exchanged, because the tablet has the touch ability (which is pretty useless for me).
Also a note to ZoneAlarm users: the drivers seems to have a problem with the firewall. The pen stutters as long as the drivers aren't restarted after starting windows under Taskmanager->Services->Wacom Professional Drivers. I also encountered a problem where the buttons on the tablet stops to work anymore and have to restart the tablet, but it only occured with the wireless mode so far. Also some of my programs stop to work from time to time due the installed wacom drivers, for example the scrobbler when the user try to bring it up from the taskbar or rightclick on it, and the Logitech webcam service. Switching the Firewall of and restart the system without the firewall enabled fixes the stutter problem, but it is also possible to restart the drivers after windows booted up, it does the same.

There is also an issue were some users experienced their loss of any driver settings when using the tablet with the wireless device. For this case: it is not a bug. The driver identify the tablet through the connecting device, and recognize the tablet as a new device when the user uses the wireless connector the first time. You have to set the settings for your applications again, and they will be there the next time.

Pros in comparison to a intuos 3
- wireless adapter
- nice design (but stinks when bought new)
- the zoom circle can have four different key bindings
- Keys are just on one side of the tablet, and can be switched easily

- Connector issue
- heavy driver issues which can be fixed though deactivating the Firewall or driver restart after the system booted.
- not be able to swap the cover may be an issue in the future.
- the nibs wear of much much faster

Apart of the artsy stuff I begun to play Diablo 3 and still have much fun with Minecraft and the new Age of Wonders 3. My french also got better since I begun to speak it more frequently, but I assume my accent it still terriblé. My personal life must have got the urge need to die out of boredom sometimes by now, but I saw some new movies with a friend and managed it to read more again. I also can recommend to go jogging, it's a great way to stay fit and get away from the screen.
Fly save.


Some recent favourites

This time:

Cats the red dot by yakonusuke Clearing by Chillay
Redpanda by skyside Father by andrewmar
Knight of Crows by jameszapata Vi Portrait Fan Art by Zeronis


Some artists I follow:
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  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Junip and a bit Insomnium and Fewjar
  • Reading: The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith
  • Watching: Edge of Tomorrow
  • Playing: Rome 2, Diablo 3 and Age of Wonder 3
  • Eating: something you better gratinate with cheese
  • Drinking: something you can drink to cheese, cheesedrink?


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DaWonderer Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
und noch ein Geburtstagsgruß.. aus Sachsen.. :wave:
Anmaril Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
danke dir :D
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Happy Birthday!
Anmaril Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :)
burnsplayguitar Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hi Christian, i'm really apreciate you're watching my work. That weekend feeling 

I'll make sure to do it be worth ;) 
Anmaril Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome :)
burnsplayguitar Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey Christian, your gallery is great. Congratulations and thanks for sharing good stuff to us.
Keep up the great work, mate. 
Anmaril Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it!
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